Urdu Sex story

I and small beam are grown up with good friend. Our primary school, middle school, University together, after graduation from the University and joined now we are in the city, even the place we all live in the same community life, I live in 5, she lived in 8 houses are separated by only two, intermediate.
More interestingly, the trabeculae of the husband and my husband still in the same group of companies. My husband is a group company somewhere in the CP, and trabecular ‘s husband is a branch manager. Because I and the relationship between trabecular meshwork, my husband and husband have become relatively special colleague.
Trabeculectomy is a personal maxim is very beautiful, she is very caring, also became an example to everyone, even out of the society, she also always remember love, sometimes to have a force can not be too she organized together to offer love. For example, the first half of this year, the south suburb of a living by collecting garbage for lonely woman by the netizen exposure, trabecular know this day he gave her the rice to send oil sent clothes send money, come back also organized the sisters together for the woman to donate, but she’s every week to look past time woman.
To tell the truth, my heart had been jealous of trabecular a devil figure. A man of spiritual beauty, can be acquired to improve, but the body is very difficult in acquired to improve it, the most fat to make it become thin, dark to make it white, concave make it up, but such as thick bone short legs, long waist like you are unable to change it. Of course, is not to say that I am thick bone short legs, long waist, but with an external shape is not possible for you to be the beauty completely to subvert it.
As a branch of the Department, the trabeculae of the husband is busy, at least more than my husband is busy, because the following branch to run their own businesses looking for work to do, like my husband did in the company all day is sit there and airs. Then, the husband was not at home when the beam is come to me, sometimes together we walk Shangjie, but most of the time is in the home to chat. Two woman show is very lively.
Belle visit, my husband ‘s behavior show excitement. Together with us each other too familiar, tone and content is relatively easy. For example, some dirty jokes in other occasions we is not possible to say, but in small beam together when we are not to taboo. Once the tone and content easily, some body language also follow the incredible. But, anyway, all of this is normal, at least in our hearts it is normal.
But last night, don’t remember that at that time what joke, said in excitement when the husband is laughing to trabecular strict tight field according to the pressure on the sofa, and trabecular meshwork is open your mouth to my husband ‘s mouth to bite, and then sticking out tongue stirred up, after two people like a slingshot like flick. All this entire process, I was sitting next to, see I am terrified.
After that, they all laughing and talking, like nothing had happened, or the nearby me as air. I was heart is more angry, but also feel shy broke out, the reason is I and between trabecular too familiar, I feel shy for such things to do their own petty temper.


My wife

My wife and I have been married for more than a month, but the honeymoon life makes me crazy.
His wife is a science, was born in an intellectual family, have a good family education. We are in the University met and from big three next semester started. At that time, we really do too observant of conventional standards., she will not let me go one step beyond the prescribed limit, is the most.
Maybe you could not believe, but that’s how it is. Although I told her some dissatisfaction, but also for finding such a rigorous and traditional woman “.
After graduation from the University, I urge to get married, and both parents also support us as soon as possible to determine the relationship between, so we quickly handled marriage registration formalities, in the Mid-Autumn Festival, held a wedding.
However after getting married and like I’m longing to sweet, problems in our habits. Simply stated, I feel she is very squeamish, even to the point where the fantastic.
Can you believe it? She was very reluctant to kiss! Each reluctantly I kissed, she ‘ll go Su mouth. It hurts my pride. Every time after kissing she pretends to easily run to the bathroom to Su mouth, I’m inconsolable.
Also, each time after the sex life, she was like I put her dirty like, unable to hold oneself back to shower, and will change the sheets, really be pestered beyond endurance!
” I’m dirty? ” I finally could not help, ask her.
She shook her head, said: ” I’m sorry, I’m just not used. ”
I am not satisfied with her answer, but only hides dissatisfaction in the heart, after all, is the couple joy in their marriage., may have an adaptation period?
Honeymoon at me with great care and swallow insult and humiliation silently away. I even felt she couldn’t accept my body, she never went to see more active touch sensitive part, although she also exhibited excitement and pleasure, let me feel frustrated. Is this the legend of the lady?
I don’t doubt that his wife ‘s feelings for me, we love each other, but her obsessive, I really can not accept. I had seen a piece, the women ‘s hot let me blush, heart falter. Does the woman is just a show?
Perhaps it seems, wife is impeccable, we were happy, even in the heart of our loving wife, is harmonious. However, the shape of my heart how are lingering, and gradually diffuse, make me gloomy and depressed.
I am really confused, who can help me out of an idea?

I feel sick

I never on Saturday, Sunday to Lao Li call. But the day before yesterday evening, I hung up, to take the cup went to the kitchen and forget to do, like lost souls. I think, still called Lao Li’s telephone.
The telephone connection, his voice very low very low, like a thief. I asked him what he was doing, he said in the movie. I asked him: and your son? He said: yes.
Hung up the phone, I know that he lied to me, must have his ex-wife Yuan Xiaowei. I feel sick, I still go to watch movie with her. The two of us getting married, Yuan Xiaowei knows, but also because of a movie.
I and Li is the second marriage, married this year national day. After marrying in two days, Lee to Yuan Xiaowei there to see his son. Yuan Xiaowei let him with his own movies, old Libuken to, she must go. Lao Li said: I can accompany you to look at the movies, not this time, I was married. Yuan Xiaowei listens, would not stand.
Soon I received her call, saying that to coming to our house, for a moment to come to my store. No matter where you started, not good-looking. Now that must be met, in the cafe.
Married for seventh days, I and his ex-wife in the cafe inside the opposite. She saw me, began to scold me, and do not take a dirty word. She said: is it right? You empty too lonely, especially to men; and you, is it right? Bed particularly good; also said that she and Li yesterday still together, how how … … I feel shy to say the words she said to me.
I had very little schooling, secondary school graduates. She is a student, is a large Direct Selling Company do managers, how could be so dirty words.
I am more introverted, originally strangers tension, and has not experienced this scene, was speechless. Say on that occasion, I don’t want to quarrel with her. So, basically is all she said.
Unexpectedly, she finally called Li, let him come. Li arrived, she still says nasty remark. Let us give her 200000, Lee said: impossible.
I sat down in, first out. They say a good while, Li said to send her back to Hankou. I asked Lee when to come back. Lao Li asked me to wait for him, he went back to the. He came back very late.


I am a virgin complex girl, conservative, to the strict. To tell the truth, I like girls, the first time for my husband who are few, but my husband is not virgin, probably because of this, my husband very pet me, forgive me, but his inner melancholy and sentimental, disposition is a bit weak, before me and many women in the online relationship ambiguous ( because of his ex-girlfriend cheating, finally breaking up, he just to get rid of the pain ), online is to empty the vent.
We are the long-distance relationship, after getting engaged every day together, before the engagement, I found him on the Internet and a woman talk much, the husband in the knowledge I had before and she, I was angry and sad, and beat and scold and slapped in the face, he knelt in any of my punishment, my parents-in-law and yelled at him, because it almost even the marriage are not into.
Later, after we were engaged, husband does than previously obedient, like the game is not played, every day with me, never in front of the computer to stay a little longer, sometimes I wonder, will be very helpless husband ask me ” what do you want me! ”
In fairness, my husband ‘s character are all good, neighbors and friends in the evaluation is very good, even my harsh parents think he good, but it really leaves the shadow in my heart, and I have the virgin complex, due to the recent husband often work with leading travel, yesterday saw him on his high school he admired, but the fate together a sister, in the alumni on the message he was to be married, and I think up. In fact, I know, once we were married, my husband would be in my heart think, a thing he would do, but I still can not control always make blind and disorderly conjectures, and even a little bit of fear, was a sunny, now also often sad cry. On the outside, I am very happy, but the heart of pain who knows? Four months after we get married, if not care about parents and in-laws, I really want to run away. Would you please help me, what should I do? If you go on like this, I think I’ll go crazy.

I and my boyfriend

I and my boyfriend is a junior high school students, because sitting at each other is good, just puppy love, when we were 15 years old ( he is 5 months younger than me, he is 88 years, 87 years ). Later, two high are in the same class, but still a school, can meet each other again. High school he transferred to the field, we are not linked to a year. After the college entrance examination, he came back, we’re together again, just as we get a different City University, four years after the long-distance relationship. In this four years, in addition to quarrel when several days will not contact, other times every day we will make a phone call, and good morning and night text messages. During these four years, I have been to his city to see him 4 times, he came to my city I see 10 times.
In four, I take part in the entrance exams, he prepared to go abroad. So I didn’t go after graduation, I intend to take a year, is to participate in next January exam. Because of his overseas examinations also appeared a few problems, probably he is abroad — to the United States in January next year.
Baby, I really do not want to let him go, because we have already experienced four years of long-distance relationship, long-distance relationship feeling really bad. Don’t face to face will have many misunderstandings, and to eliminate the misunderstanding of the time will be long. He that go abroad, for another 3 years, I will wait for him for three years, but also endured 3 years of long-distance relationship. Doll, I already 23 years old this year, I read your blog say 23 years old married are late. When can I get married? But we are now married is not reality, one is he going abroad, we get married no practical significance; again, we just graduated, has no work, always cannot let parents give us to get married.
But, baby, I don’t really know me wait there is no result. Once, he drank too much, he said over the phone if he is abroad I married to other people, he would not blame me, because the young woman can not afford to. We have a big fight. Because I think a man loves a woman, the woman is married to someone else. How can he do not mind? This is the complete me, or do his own?
Baby, tell the truth, this is my first love, I want is love a person for life, then to marry this person. But I am afraid I can’t realize this desire. Abroad, too much temptation, I can’t ensure that he will be consistent from beginning to end the love I, living abroad may be too lonely, he will not be outside because alone and together with other people? And I, in his lonely must not in isolation, we are too far away. Baby, I am afraid to lose this feeling, because I am afraid to fall in love with a person 15 years later, I have the ability to love others? Until 26 years old, he told me that he didn’t come back, I was already 3S lady, how can I find the happiness?
He appears to be, because I was too diligent, these days, in addition to evening routine a phone, every day I call him, he never called me, but every time he is hastily hung up, looking for the reasons are eating, sleeping, writing theory the like. SMS, in addition to the early night, daytime he never offered me a message, and when I was a freshman, he often gave me funny MMS, or greeting. Just to the big three, he seems to be tired, I did not so diligent. Now. Also not as big a time in that way to me, to give me a call. Like this we fight, 3 days he had not contacted me, no phone, no message.
Baby, is it right? He doesn’t care about me? Is it right? As you say: how much I care about him, he is not care about me? But, I’m so in love, how should not go to care about? Each he didn’t call me in the evening, I feel sad, painful, do not want to do. I really don’t feel confident, he is very outstanding, President of Student Council, debate and the best player, to go abroad, but I’m a not admitted to graduate exam, I am really not confident. I want to enrich themselves, improve themselves, but failed to hit me is really great, I feel life is suddenly lost. Don’t know the way how to go on.