My wife

My wife and I have been married for more than a month, but the honeymoon life makes me crazy.
His wife is a science, was born in an intellectual family, have a good family education. We are in the University met and from big three next semester started. At that time, we really do too observant of conventional standards., she will not let me go one step beyond the prescribed limit, is the most.
Maybe you could not believe, but that’s how it is. Although I told her some dissatisfaction, but also for finding such a rigorous and traditional woman “.
After graduation from the University, I urge to get married, and both parents also support us as soon as possible to determine the relationship between, so we quickly handled marriage registration formalities, in the Mid-Autumn Festival, held a wedding.
However after getting married and like I’m longing to sweet, problems in our habits. Simply stated, I feel she is very squeamish, even to the point where the fantastic.
Can you believe it? She was very reluctant to kiss! Each reluctantly I kissed, she ‘ll go Su mouth. It hurts my pride. Every time after kissing she pretends to easily run to the bathroom to Su mouth, I’m inconsolable.
Also, each time after the sex life, she was like I put her dirty like, unable to hold oneself back to shower, and will change the sheets, really be pestered beyond endurance!
” I’m dirty? ” I finally could not help, ask her.
She shook her head, said: ” I’m sorry, I’m just not used. ”
I am not satisfied with her answer, but only hides dissatisfaction in the heart, after all, is the couple joy in their marriage., may have an adaptation period?
Honeymoon at me with great care and swallow insult and humiliation silently away. I even felt she couldn’t accept my body, she never went to see more active touch sensitive part, although she also exhibited excitement and pleasure, let me feel frustrated. Is this the legend of the lady?
I don’t doubt that his wife ‘s feelings for me, we love each other, but her obsessive, I really can not accept. I had seen a piece, the women ‘s hot let me blush, heart falter. Does the woman is just a show?
Perhaps it seems, wife is impeccable, we were happy, even in the heart of our loving wife, is harmonious. However, the shape of my heart how are lingering, and gradually diffuse, make me gloomy and depressed.
I am really confused, who can help me out of an idea?



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