I and my boyfriend

I and my boyfriend is a junior high school students, because sitting at each other is good, just puppy love, when we were 15 years old ( he is 5 months younger than me, he is 88 years, 87 years ). Later, two high are in the same class, but still a school, can meet each other again. High school he transferred to the field, we are not linked to a year. After the college entrance examination, he came back, we’re together again, just as we get a different City University, four years after the long-distance relationship. In this four years, in addition to quarrel when several days will not contact, other times every day we will make a phone call, and good morning and night text messages. During these four years, I have been to his city to see him 4 times, he came to my city I see 10 times.
In four, I take part in the entrance exams, he prepared to go abroad. So I didn’t go after graduation, I intend to take a year, is to participate in next January exam. Because of his overseas examinations also appeared a few problems, probably he is abroad — to the United States in January next year.
Baby, I really do not want to let him go, because we have already experienced four years of long-distance relationship, long-distance relationship feeling really bad. Don’t face to face will have many misunderstandings, and to eliminate the misunderstanding of the time will be long. He that go abroad, for another 3 years, I will wait for him for three years, but also endured 3 years of long-distance relationship. Doll, I already 23 years old this year, I read your blog say 23 years old married are late. When can I get married? But we are now married is not reality, one is he going abroad, we get married no practical significance; again, we just graduated, has no work, always cannot let parents give us to get married.
But, baby, I don’t really know me wait there is no result. Once, he drank too much, he said over the phone if he is abroad I married to other people, he would not blame me, because the young woman can not afford to. We have a big fight. Because I think a man loves a woman, the woman is married to someone else. How can he do not mind? This is the complete me, or do his own?
Baby, tell the truth, this is my first love, I want is love a person for life, then to marry this person. But I am afraid I can’t realize this desire. Abroad, too much temptation, I can’t ensure that he will be consistent from beginning to end the love I, living abroad may be too lonely, he will not be outside because alone and together with other people? And I, in his lonely must not in isolation, we are too far away. Baby, I am afraid to lose this feeling, because I am afraid to fall in love with a person 15 years later, I have the ability to love others? Until 26 years old, he told me that he didn’t come back, I was already 3S lady, how can I find the happiness?
He appears to be, because I was too diligent, these days, in addition to evening routine a phone, every day I call him, he never called me, but every time he is hastily hung up, looking for the reasons are eating, sleeping, writing theory the like. SMS, in addition to the early night, daytime he never offered me a message, and when I was a freshman, he often gave me funny MMS, or greeting. Just to the big three, he seems to be tired, I did not so diligent. Now. Also not as big a time in that way to me, to give me a call. Like this we fight, 3 days he had not contacted me, no phone, no message.
Baby, is it right? He doesn’t care about me? Is it right? As you say: how much I care about him, he is not care about me? But, I’m so in love, how should not go to care about? Each he didn’t call me in the evening, I feel sad, painful, do not want to do. I really don’t feel confident, he is very outstanding, President of Student Council, debate and the best player, to go abroad, but I’m a not admitted to graduate exam, I am really not confident. I want to enrich themselves, improve themselves, but failed to hit me is really great, I feel life is suddenly lost. Don’t know the way how to go on.


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