Urdu Sex story

I and small beam are grown up with good friend. Our primary school, middle school, University together, after graduation from the University and joined now we are in the city, even the place we all live in the same community life, I live in 5, she lived in 8 houses are separated by only two, intermediate.
More interestingly, the trabeculae of the husband and my husband still in the same group of companies. My husband is a group company somewhere in the CP, and trabecular ‘s husband is a branch manager. Because I and the relationship between trabecular meshwork, my husband and husband have become relatively special colleague.
Trabeculectomy is a personal maxim is very beautiful, she is very caring, also became an example to everyone, even out of the society, she also always remember love, sometimes to have a force can not be too she organized together to offer love. For example, the first half of this year, the south suburb of a living by collecting garbage for lonely woman by the netizen exposure, trabecular know this day he gave her the rice to send oil sent clothes send money, come back also organized the sisters together for the woman to donate, but she’s every week to look past time woman.
To tell the truth, my heart had been jealous of trabecular a devil figure. A man of spiritual beauty, can be acquired to improve, but the body is very difficult in acquired to improve it, the most fat to make it become thin, dark to make it white, concave make it up, but such as thick bone short legs, long waist like you are unable to change it. Of course, is not to say that I am thick bone short legs, long waist, but with an external shape is not possible for you to be the beauty completely to subvert it.
As a branch of the Department, the trabeculae of the husband is busy, at least more than my husband is busy, because the following branch to run their own businesses looking for work to do, like my husband did in the company all day is sit there and airs. Then, the husband was not at home when the beam is come to me, sometimes together we walk Shangjie, but most of the time is in the home to chat. Two woman show is very lively.
Belle visit, my husband ‘s behavior show excitement. Together with us each other too familiar, tone and content is relatively easy. For example, some dirty jokes in other occasions we is not possible to say, but in small beam together when we are not to taboo. Once the tone and content easily, some body language also follow the incredible. But, anyway, all of this is normal, at least in our hearts it is normal.
But last night, don’t remember that at that time what joke, said in excitement when the husband is laughing to trabecular strict tight field according to the pressure on the sofa, and trabecular meshwork is open your mouth to my husband ‘s mouth to bite, and then sticking out tongue stirred up, after two people like a slingshot like flick. All this entire process, I was sitting next to, see I am terrified.
After that, they all laughing and talking, like nothing had happened, or the nearby me as air. I was heart is more angry, but also feel shy broke out, the reason is I and between trabecular too familiar, I feel shy for such things to do their own petty temper.


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