I am a virgin complex girl, conservative, to the strict. To tell the truth, I like girls, the first time for my husband who are few, but my husband is not virgin, probably because of this, my husband very pet me, forgive me, but his inner melancholy and sentimental, disposition is a bit weak, before me and many women in the online relationship ambiguous ( because of his ex-girlfriend cheating, finally breaking up, he just to get rid of the pain ), online is to empty the vent.
We are the long-distance relationship, after getting engaged every day together, before the engagement, I found him on the Internet and a woman talk much, the husband in the knowledge I had before and she, I was angry and sad, and beat and scold and slapped in the face, he knelt in any of my punishment, my parents-in-law and yelled at him, because it almost even the marriage are not into.
Later, after we were engaged, husband does than previously obedient, like the game is not played, every day with me, never in front of the computer to stay a little longer, sometimes I wonder, will be very helpless husband ask me ” what do you want me! ”
In fairness, my husband ‘s character are all good, neighbors and friends in the evaluation is very good, even my harsh parents think he good, but it really leaves the shadow in my heart, and I have the virgin complex, due to the recent husband often work with leading travel, yesterday saw him on his high school he admired, but the fate together a sister, in the alumni on the message he was to be married, and I think up. In fact, I know, once we were married, my husband would be in my heart think, a thing he would do, but I still can not control always make blind and disorderly conjectures, and even a little bit of fear, was a sunny, now also often sad cry. On the outside, I am very happy, but the heart of pain who knows? Four months after we get married, if not care about parents and in-laws, I really want to run away. Would you please help me, what should I do? If you go on like this, I think I’ll go crazy.


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