I feel sick

I never on Saturday, Sunday to Lao Li call. But the day before yesterday evening, I hung up, to take the cup went to the kitchen and forget to do, like lost souls. I think, still called Lao Li’s telephone.
The telephone connection, his voice very low very low, like a thief. I asked him what he was doing, he said in the movie. I asked him: and your son? He said: yes.
Hung up the phone, I know that he lied to me, must have his ex-wife Yuan Xiaowei. I feel sick, I still go to watch movie with her. The two of us getting married, Yuan Xiaowei knows, but also because of a movie.
I and Li is the second marriage, married this year national day. After marrying in two days, Lee to Yuan Xiaowei there to see his son. Yuan Xiaowei let him with his own movies, old Libuken to, she must go. Lao Li said: I can accompany you to look at the movies, not this time, I was married. Yuan Xiaowei listens, would not stand.
Soon I received her call, saying that to coming to our house, for a moment to come to my store. No matter where you started, not good-looking. Now that must be met, in the cafe.
Married for seventh days, I and his ex-wife in the cafe inside the opposite. She saw me, began to scold me, and do not take a dirty word. She said: is it right? You empty too lonely, especially to men; and you, is it right? Bed particularly good; also said that she and Li yesterday still together, how how … … I feel shy to say the words she said to me.
I had very little schooling, secondary school graduates. She is a student, is a large Direct Selling Company do managers, how could be so dirty words.
I am more introverted, originally strangers tension, and has not experienced this scene, was speechless. Say on that occasion, I don’t want to quarrel with her. So, basically is all she said.
Unexpectedly, she finally called Li, let him come. Li arrived, she still says nasty remark. Let us give her 200000, Lee said: impossible.
I sat down in, first out. They say a good while, Li said to send her back to Hankou. I asked Lee when to come back. Lao Li asked me to wait for him, he went back to the. He came back very late.


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